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TCL Evangelistic Church Growth Strategy

An overall strategy for the church that is proving effective to help churches experience evangelistic church growth.  The strategy is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. A healthy congregation will:

Exalt the Savior through worship

Equip the Saints through training and Bible Study and

Evangelize the Sinner through the two first-century priorities of:

    Total Penetration of the community through the

    Total Participation of the members in evangelistic witness.

Be careful not to separate evangelism into a few evangelistic activities or events. Contemporary churches need to direct their total programs and activities to reach the community for Jesus Christ. The overall strategy is explained in the Broadman & Holman book Total Church Life by Darrell W. Robinson (1997 edition).

The strategy includes this 12 step "Structure for Renewing Priorities," found in chapter 10 of the book. Following these steps will help a church experience evangelistic church growth.

    1. Lead the church in a Total Church Life Seminar using the book, or Video seminar.

    2. Preach through the Total Church Life material. Help the congregation to begin
    seeing the purpose of the church. An effective evangelism strategy must be

    3. Begin or revitalize an Evangelism Council. This group of people helps the pastor
    keep evangelism as the biblical priority of the congregation.

    4. Define a geographic or cultural area or areas. A geographical area depends on
    distance and cultural factors. A good rule of thumb is 2-5 miles around the church
    or a fifteen to thirty minute travel time.

    5. Build prospect files. These are names of lost and unchurched people in the
    church's community.

    6. Begin or revitalize weekly evangelistic outreach. Everyone in the church's 
    community should receive some kind of evangelistic contact from two to six times
    each year.

    7. Set a baptism goal. The goal should be based on the ratio of members to baptisms.
    The current average is 1:44 for Anglo and 1:13 for ethnic congregations. A good
    goal is 1:10 or lower. This ratio means the church yearly baptizes a new convert
    for every ten members.

    8. Have every program set evangelism as a priority. Every church program
    should be community oriented, in addition to meeting the needs of current members.

    9. Have every committee set evangelism as a priority. Every church program
    should be community oriented, in addition to meeting the needs of current members.

    10. Begin or revitalize training for new members. Every new member should be
    taught what it means to accept Jesus Christ and the responsibilities of church
    membership. They should also learn denominational history, organization and policy.

    11. Schedule a leadership retreat. Bring the leaders together each year to refocus
    on the priority of evangelism.

    12. Create an evangelism planning calendar. The calendar provides a plan for
    international evangelism through every group in the church.

    "From the bottom of my heart, thank your for your recent Total Church Life conference at New Market Baptist Church in New Market, TN. I apologize that I was unable to attend because I was on assignment from the King in El Salvador. My family has only been attending here for 15 months, but I knew that the church was ready for Total Church Life. The pastor, J.W. Taylor, followed my advice and met you last November. As soon as he and his wife returned from the conference, I saw a dramatic change in their spirit. They were tremendous servants of Jesus before they met you. And now, they are even "deeper" in their walk with Christ."
    Jeffrey L. Harvel, Evangelist

    Visit the resource catalog for a list of Total Church Life materials and
    ordering information.

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